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Old Neon have quickly established themselves as one of Pittsburgh's hottest exports, genre bending indie rock with emo and pop punk sensibilities.

Old Neon sift through the complex emotional territories associated with loss, loneliness, addiction, and abuse with cathartic noise and melodic beauty. From the ashes of our individual childhoods, when entire worlds were constantly falling apart and being rebuilt, we could cling to our instruments, and the songs in our hearts to get us through. Fate and friendship brought us together, as a group of lifelong musicians, all from different bands and backgrounds, decided to combine our efforts into something meaningful and true.

Old Neon are combining their take on an indie style of rock with just enough of an emo tinge. ‘Among The Wires’ is a passionate rock track that picks you up for the journey that it takes

Dan Hemming - Mind Noise Network - 2019

Genre-bending Pittsburgh indie rockers Old Neon get down 'Among The Wires' on this, their debut single.
The five-piece fuse their harder side with emo and pop-punk sensibilities, as they deliver three and a half minutes of fast-paced, energetic rock, led by female vocals, as the song lyrically touches on emotional territories associated with loss...

Sam Geary - Little Indie Blogs - 2019

Warner Weather is my greatest weakness: a yearning pop punk song about a breakup. I  don't undertand what draws me to this specific subgenre, but I fully embrace it!
Rachel Colst - Adobe & Teardrops - 2017